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                             C.I.B./CZ CH/SK CH/RUS CH Eswood Lavender Leaf ''Laksi''

                                                               ...IN LOVING MEMORY...

Laksi was our foundation bitch who gave all her heart and a part of her name 'Lavender Leaf' to our kennel. Laksi was faithful and smart, she liked hiking, skiing and swimming with us. Together we traveled a lot by car and by boat. Laksi loved water, she was so happy travelling by ship or small boat. She was the best friend at every moment of our life. She is missed horribly by her family and friends worldwide... She left beautiful memories...She continues in her children and grandchildren...Her 19 puppies live, win and have offsprings in 9 countries of Europe, America and Asia. 


      The first purebred keeshond imported to Czech Republic in January 2009, the first purebred keeshond

who got the titles Czech Junior Champion (2010) and Czech Champion (2011)

More about Laksi here.


At the moment we have 2 females in the kennel and 4 co-owned males in the other homes.


C.I.B./CZ CH/SK CH/RUS CH Alpine Snowbell from Lavendermist meadow ''Coozie'' 

Born 26.12.2011. PHPT negative. 

Coozie is an outstanding show dog, at her 15 shows (12 International) she was the best female 13 times (twice she received RCACIB). She got her titles easily and in minimal time. She is very good in agility. Her health tests are excellent. But above all she is my heart dog. She is a kind, gentle, loving and sweet girl. Coozie never fails to surprise me with her beauty and temperament. Coozie wasn't in our breeding program but she raised her younger sister Talia.

Sire: C.I.B/ Multi CH / FR CH/ CAN CH/ AM CH/ NO CH/ DK CH/ LUX CH/ PT CH/ SCHWZ CH, PT W-2006, DKV-2010 Volfgang D'Arlande:

Dam: C.I.B./ CZ CH/ RUS CH Eswood Lavender Leaf:



HEALTH TESTSHips A/A. Patellas 0/0. Elbows 0/0. Osteochondrosis (Shoulders) not afflicted. Eyes checked clear.

SHOW RESULTS: in Ludvigshafen, Germany, 2012: ''Very promising puppy''

                       Int. show in Bergamo, Italy, 2012:  ''Very promising puppy'' .

         in Prague, Czech Rep., May 2013:  Ex1, CAC CR, CAC CMKU, CACIB. in Firenze (Italy), May 2013: RCACIB.

                  in Litomerice, Czech Rep, May 2013: Ex1, CAC CR, CAC CMKU, CACIB.      

                     National Dog show, Czech Rep. June 2013: CAC CR, CAC CMKU, BOB. NATIONAL WINNER.


            in Bratislava, Slovakia, Oct.2013: 2 x CAC Slovakia, CACIB, RCACIB.   

   Livorno, Italy, May 2014: EX.1, CAC Italy, CACIB, BOB. Lucca, Italy, May 2014: Ex1, CAC Italy, CACIB, BOB. 


            in Litomerice, Czech Rep., May 2014:  EX1, CAC CR, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB.


               Int. show in Bratislava, Slovakia, October 2015: 2 x CAC Slovakia, 2 x CACIB, BOB, BOS.


2 National Shows in St.Petersburg, Russia, April 23-24, 2016: 2 x CAC Russia, BOB. 


              International Champion (C.I.B.), Czech Champion, Slovakian Champion, Russian Champion, Champion of CMKU (CZ National Kennel Club - all breeds), Champion of Czech Spitz Club, National Winner.



C.I.B./CZ GCH/RUS & EST & LT& LV & Baltic CH

Crystal Dewdrop from Lavendermist Meadow ''Tal-ia''

Born10.07.2015. Health tests:  PHPT negative. HD A/A, ED 0/0, patella 0/0.


Interchampion (C.I.B.) Czech Grand Champion. Latvian Champion. Estonian Champion. Lithuanian Champion. Baltic Champion. Russian Champion. Russian Junior Champion.  Champion of CMKU (CZ National Kennel Club - all breeds). Champion of Czech Spitz Club.

Agility: Level A1 finished!

Tal-ia is a puppy from Laksi's third litter (born 10.07.2015). She is a smart, active and sweet girl. Successful in conformation, she became Czech Grand Champion at the age of 23 months and Interchampion at 27 months. Talia has 2 agility trainings weekly and has been already successful at her first trials. Level A1 was finished in one month!


April 2016, St.Petersburg (RUS): 4 CAJC, BOB.

Junior Champion (Russia).

October 2016, Int.Show DuoCACIB Prague (CZ): 2 CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB, RCACIB, BOB.

November 2016,Int.Show DuoDanube Bratislava (SK): 2 CAC SK, CACIB, BOB.

February 2017, Int.Show DuoCACIB Brno (CZ): 2 CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB, RCACIB, BOB.


March 2017, Int.Show Piacenza (IT): Ex1, CACIB.

March 2017, Int.Show Parma (IT): Ex1, CACIB.

April 2017, Int.Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ):  CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB.

May 2017, Int.Show Litomerice (CZ): CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB.

CHAMPION CMKU (CZ National  Kennel Club - all breeds)

June 2017, Intercanis Brno: CAC CZ. CACIB, BOS.


July 2017, National Shows Dole (Latvia): 2 CAC LT, 2 BOB, Ogre Winner.


July 2017, National show Tartumaa (Estonia): Ex1, SK Estonia, BOS.


 July 2017, National Shows in St.Petersburg (Russia): 2 CAC RUS, CH RKF.


August 2017, National show in Šalčininkai (Lithuania): CAC, BOB, Club Winner.


November 2017, Int. Show DuoCAIB Prague: Ex1, 2 CAC CZ, CACIB, CAC CMKU, RCACIB, BOS.

International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.)


                                      Our co-owned males:

           Alpine Aster from Lavendermist meadow ACT2 TKI NFP''Havel'' 

 co-owned with Joanna Loucky-Ramsey (USA)


      Born on December 26, 2011. PHPT negative. Pedigree is here:

 Havel successfully finished Beginning and Advanced  obedience classes.  In June 2013 he completed  Advanced agility training.

More about  Alpine Aster - on the website of Hidden Meadow Inn: http: //


Alpine Eryngo from Lavendermist meadow ''Ringo''

Born on 26.12.2011. PHPT negative. Pedigree is here


Show results:   July 2012, Sweden -  the first place with honor prize, BOB puppy.

                             May, 2013 - SKK show Piteå - EX1, R CAC, 2 best male.

                             June, 2013 -  Show in Vännäs, Sweden - Ex1.

                             July, 2013  - Int. dog show in Piteå, Sweden - Ex, CK, CAC, CACIB, BOS.

                             August, 2012 - dog show in Överkalix, Swedem - Ex, CAC, BOB.

Health tests:  Hips B/B. Elbows 0/0.                                                       


                  CH Blessed to hope from Lavendermist meadow ''Ray''

                                               Co-owned with Ruthann Seibert, kennel  SHAINAKEES (USA). American Champion (AKC).


                      Ray with his Dad Mercy.

                           Born on 17.11.2013. PHPT negative. Click for Pedigree:



            CH Blessed to amaze from Lavendermist Meadow ''Olly''

                                                    Co-owned with Lorena Barbaric (Croatia). Croatian & Slovenian & Hungarian Champion.


                                                                                  Born on 17.11.2013. PHPT negative. Click for Pedigree: