CRYSTAL-LITTER  was born on July 10, 2015. 2 males  and a female.  

REPEATED BREEDING of Shainakees Abundant Asset is Mercy and Eswood Lavender Leaf ''Laksi''. See all information about Sire and Dam below.  

Crystal Spring from Lavendermist Meadow.  In the USA.

Crystal Creek from Lavendermist Meadow. In Canada /USA in co-ownership. Canadian (CKC) Grandchampion, #1 All Breeds points in Canada.

Crystal Dewdrop from Lavendermist Meadow. Stays in the kennel. International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.) Czech Grand Champion. Latvian & Estonian & Lithuanian & Baltic & Russian Champion. Champion of CMKU (Czech Kennel Club - all breeds). Czech Spitz Club Champion. 9 CACIB. 3 RCACIB. 9 BOB, 3 BOS.  Agility: level A1 - finished.


 BLESSED - LITTER  was born on November 17, 2013. 3 females, 5 males. 


Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy              

Best of Breed  Wesminster Kennel Club  2013                        Dam: C.I.B./CZ CH/RUS CH  

                                                                                           Eswood Lavender Leaf


                The litter is PHPT negative by descend. Click for Pedigree of the litter:

Blessed Blossom from Lavendermist Meadow ''Zia''. Her titles in NADAC: ICC, O-ICC, IJC, O-IJC, S-IJC, NJC, IAC, O-IAC, S-IAC, TG-I, O-TG-I, S-TG-I, TG-N, TN-I, O-TN-I, S-TN-I, TN-N, O-TN-N, S-TN-N, XBR-I, XHP-I. More than 1000 lifetime points. Owner Cynthia Ernat, USA.


Blessed Butterfly  from Lavendermist Meadow ''Ada''. Owner Barbro Andreasson, Sweden.


Blessed Honeybee from Lavendermist Meadow ''Bibi''. R.I.P.  Former owner Eva Westberg, Elzviks Kennel, Sweden.


CH Blessed to amaze from Lavendermist Meadow ''Olli''. Croatian Champion. Owners Lorena Barbaric (Croatia) & Olga Kirshina. 


C.I.B./CH Blessed to conquer from Lavendermist Meadow ''Martin''. C.I.B.(Interchampion), Champion of Russia, Champion of Kazakhstan, Champion of Kyrgyzstan, Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Kazakhstan. Owner  Anna Li, Republic of Kazakhstan. 


C.I.B. /CH Blessed to dare from Lavendermist Meadow ''Reddy''. C.I.B.(Interchampion), Italian Champion, Croatian Champion, Slovenian Champion, Italian Junior Champion. Multi BOG, RBIS, BIS. Vice-World Winner-2017. Owner Roberto Righetti, Allevamento Del Monte Dragnone, Italy.


  CH Blessed to hope from Lavendermist Meadow ''Ray''. American (AKC) Champion. Owners Ruthann Seibert ''Shainakees'' (USA) & Olga Kirshina.


CH Beatus in Collarium from Lavendermist Meadow ''Oscar''. Junior champion of Poland. Champion of Poland. Owner Marek Jaros, Collarium kennel, Poland.



 ALPINE - LITTER  was born on December 26, 2011. 2 females, 6 males.

 Sire: C.I.B/Multi CH/FR CH/CAN CH/AM CH/                 Dam: C.I.B./CZ CH/RUS CH

NO CH/DK CH/LUX CH/PT CH/SCHWZ CH,                     Eswood Lavender Leaf

PT W-2006, DKV-2010 Volfgang D'Arlande

 The litter is PHPT negative by descend.  Click for Pedigree of the litter:   

More photos of little puppies see, please, on the page ''Puppies''.


C.I.B./CZ Ch/ SK Ch/ RUS Ch Alpine Snowbell from Lavendermist Meadow ''Coozie'', owner Olga Kiršina. Coozie also has titles of CMKU Champion (Czech Kennel Club), Club Champion (Czech Spitz Club) and National Winner.

Show results: Very promissing puppy ( Int.shows in Germany-08.2012 and in Italy-09.2012)

                      CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB - Int.Show in Prague, May 2013.

                      CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB - Int.Show in Litomerice, May 2013.

                      CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, BOB, National Winner - National show in Klatovy, June 2013.

                      2xCAC SK, CACIB, RCACIB, BOS - in Bratislava (SK), Oct.2013.

                      CAC IT, CACIB, BOB - Livorno (IT), May 2014. Interchampion (FCI).

                      CAC IT, CACIB, BOB Lucca (IT), May 2014.

                      CAC CZ, CAC CMKU,CACIB,BOB - Litomerice, May 2014. Czech Champion. CH CMKU.

                      2 x CAC SK, 2 CACIB, BOB in Bratislava, October 2015. Slovakian Champion.

                      2 x CAC RUS, BOB - National shows in St.Petersburg, April 2016. Russian Champion.

 Health tests:   Hips A/A, Patellas 0/0, Elbows 0/0, Osteochondrosis (shoulders) - not afflicted. Eyes checked clear .


NJW-2012 Alpine Violett from Lavendermist Meadow ''Tina'', owner Vivi Vigdal, Norway.

Show results: BOB puppy (multi), Best Junior, Norwegian Junior Winner 2012, CAC x 9, Multi ResCAC, MultiBOB.

Alpine Aster from Lavendermist Meadow ACT1 ACT2 TKN TKI ''Havel'', co-owners Joanna Loucky-Ramsey (USA)& Olga Kiršina.

 Obedience Training. Agility classes.

Alpine Bistort from Lavendermist Meadow ''Sami'', lives Czech Republic.


Alpine Eryngo from Lavendermist Meadow ''Ringo'', lives in Sweden. 

Show results: BOB puppy. EX1 x 3, CAC x 3, RCAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB.

Health tests:  Hips B/B, elbows 0/0.


Alpine Hawkweed from Lavendermist Meadow ''Misha'', lives in Czech Republic.

Health tests: Hips A/B, Elbows 0/0



 AmCh Alpine Poppy from Lavendermist Meadow ''Sizzle'', owner Kathryn Tanguay, USA.

Show results: BOB puppy, First prize, WD, Multi BW, American Champion (AKC).

OFA tests: Hips, patella, cardiac - normal.


Alpine Rockcress from Lavendermist Meadow ''Rocky'', owner Yasmine Berg, Sweden.