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Gabe Rudavicius (  
Olga, this is wonerful news! One can imagine beautiful little Laksis running around. I would end up keeping them all for myself. I can only dream of one playing with our two old boys.
Your website is very nicely done.
My best wishes to you and Laksi!
Julia (
Olga, a great site! Lax and congratulate you late:) with the successful test on health (about Patella I generally missed somehow), well done! And with success at the exhibitions! Keep it on! Good luck!
Angelika Schneider-Rubens (  http://www.rubens-wolfsspitze.
Dear Olga,
many thank`s for our guestbook entry.
Our site are very nice and Laksi are a wonderfule girl.
My " puppy " Baro lives in Finnland so I see many dogs from the Eswood Kennel.
bye from Germany
Angelika, Ayani and daughter Ceelah
Olga (  
Than you Sylvia!
All the best to you and your Kees in the New Year!
Sylvia Seier (
you have beautifull Kees and a interesting web site.
We wish you all a happy new year.
Many greetings from Germany
Sylvia and her Kees
Gabriel Rudavicius (  
My wish is that it could be made possible. It would be wonderful to have a young little Laksi join our family of aging humans and dogs.
Rich (
Поистине удивительно: Now I will really have to come visit to see these beautiful angels! Best Wishes and much success.
olga (  
Thank you Jarka! Hope to see you next year.
Přeji Vám veselé Vánoce a šťastný Nový rok!
olga (  
Thank you Mona! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody at Keestorpets !
olga (  
Thank you Gabriel!
There is nothing impossible in it! I'd like you to have Laksi's puppy next year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!
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