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Our kennel in 2015

2015 belongs to the history now. It was a significant year for our young tiny home-based kennel 'Lavendermist Meadow'. Laksi's first ''Alpine''-litter turned 4 years in December, the second ''Blessed''-litter turned 2 years in November. On July 10th the third litter was whelped: 2 males and a female. Those 19 puppies are my pride and my everyday concern.
Today I take a look back and remember the main accomplishments of Laksi and her kids in 2015.
Laksi (C.I.B./ CH Eswood Lavender Leaf) is retired from breeding. Her third litter was the last and I thank her for her great job she has done for the kennel and for the breed. In 2015 she got a title 'Champion of Czech Spitz Club' based on show results of her lifetime. She is 7 years old and I plan some more shows for her as well as agility. We began her agility training in October and during 3 months of 2015 she mastered almost all obstacles.
My Coozie (C.I.B./ CH Alpine Snowbell from Lavendermist Meadow) came back to the show ring in October after 18 months interval and during one weekend finished her Slovakian championship. She added to her list of show results 2xCACIB, BOB and BOS. In November 2015 on the results of only two show years Coozie got a title 'Champion of Czech Spitz Club'. She had almost twice as many points as a female dog needs to obtain the title. In July Coozie began her agility training and 6 months later I can say that I am proud of her progress. We will continue and I hope for passing some tests in spring.
World Dog Show 2015 was lucky for Tina and Reddy.
NJW Alpine Violett from Lavendermist Meadow ''Tina'' got Excellent 4 in the open class. JCH Blessed to dare from Lavendermist Meadow ''Reddy'' got Exc.1 in Intermediate class, he was 19 months old. Both with their owners-handlers Vivi Vigdal and Chantal Rossi. Reddy also received Exc.1 and ResCAC at the Club Show at WDS, he was the youngest and left behind 5 elder dogs.
Reddy made us proud many times. In March he became Junior champion and in September finished his Italian championship. He was multiBOB, BOG2 and at last Best of Group at the National show and BOG at the Int.Show in Slovenia! He is on his way to Interchampion title.
CH Blessed to Conquer from Lavendermist Meadow ''Martin'' in 2015 became Champion of Kazakhstan and Champion of Russia. Multi BOB, Multi BIG, BIS-2 at the National Show... And the greatest accomplishment in November: Best in Show at the International Show in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan). Martin wasn't even 2 years old! I must thank his owner-handler Anna Lee for this fantastic win!
CH Blessed to Amaze from Lavendermist Meadow ''Olly'' was successful to finish his Croatian championship in summer.
Blessed to hope from Lavendermist Meadow ''Ray'' (co-owned by Ruthann Seibert and me) had a few successful shows where he was WD and ResWD and was major pointed. Hopefully with his 13 points Ray will finish American Championship soon.
In Sweden the girls Bibi and Ada (Blessed Honeybee and Blessed Butterfly from Lavendermist meadow) received excellent critique of the judges and some significant results at the shows. Ada also was successful in rally (with diploma) and continues agility training.
Our main ''agility star'' Zia (Blessed Blossom from Lavendermist Meadow) lives in the USA. At her age of only 2 years Zia has 5 titles: IAC, TG-I, TN-I, IJC and O-IAC and 255 lifetime points. It always was my dream to see some of my puppies in agility competitions. Zia has made a huge progress been trained by her owner Cynthia Ernat.
I am proud of another ''agility personality'' - Alpine Aster from Lavendermist Meadow ''Havel'' and his humans Joanna and Bill. They are tireless in training: at the classes and in their big yard equipped with all main obstacles. I thank them and look forward to seeing Havel's results in competition in 2016.
Our three youngest puppies are our hope. We'll hear about them soon. Baby Grim (Crystal Spring from Lavendermist Meadow) who lives in the USA has already been to his first show for 4-6 m.o. puppies. In November he was 4 months only but in the competition with the elder dogs he received BOB and BIG-2! Now I cannot wait to see him and my girl Talia (Crystal Dewdrop from Lavendermist meadow) in agility. They seem to be created for it! I also think about a few shows for Talia in 2016 as well as for my Coozie.
A few words about Laksi’s grandchildren. 8 puppies sired by AmCH Alpine Poppy from Lavendermist Meadow were born in February in Canada (Chantalle Carroll). They already have their first success in the rings. Beaukees First Full Moon ‘’Remus’’ became Canadian Champion in November at just 8 months old!
I would like to thank all families caring of my puppies with love and comprehension. I have never been focused on the idea of show career or agility competitions for each puppy. Those who win confirm the correctness and high standard of my breeding program with their accomplishments. But most of all I am happy that all our dogs are beautiful, healthy, joyful, loving and devoted to their humans.
2016 begins with very good news: Reddy got two CACIB, was 2x BOB and BOG-2 at two Int. shows in Italy. We hope for a happy and successful year for everyone!

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